About WOT


Dare to imagine with us… sign our petition to bring back railways in West Oxfordshire…

A picture speaks a thousand words, our first video “Dare to Imagine” offers you a summary of our vision for public transport in our District, and beyond.


courtesy and (c) of Mark Hamsworth photography

courtesy and (c) of Mark Hamsworth photography

WOT was set up by Oxfordshire people, many from existing voluntary organisations, but all acutely aware that with the planned expansion of Witney and its surrounding areas we can no longer afford to rely exclusively on the A40.  We need appropriate alternatives, suitable for current and all future needs. Who would want to spend even longer stuck in a massive traffic queue to reach Oxford and its outskirts?  The people of West Oxfordshire deserve better.

WOT was founded in Witney as a cross-party organisation in September 2013 with the help of Railfuture and thanks to a small start-up grant from the RSA (South Central Region). In addition to our founding members, we actively cooperate with other groups such as the Campaign for Better Transport, Sustainable Witney, the CPRE Oxfordshire and Bus Users Oxford

Interested in our forthcoming activities?  Visit our EVENTS page for further information.

WOT logo

We are a wholly voluntary and not for profit organisation, a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) reg no. 20100. Details of the WOT launch presentation can be downloaded from our Proposal page.

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